2021 High School Challenge

This year’s challenge is teaming up with the Live to Save Lives concert, Arlo McKinley, Hello June, and one lucky high school student to spread the message of organ donation and encourage you to sign up to be an Organ Donor.

We will be offering one talented students a chance to win a $500 scholarship and open for Arlo McKinley live at the Paramount Arts Center.

We’ve now opened up the challenge to Cabell and Wayne counties in West Virginia (in addition to all Kentucky counties) due to requests from the community.

The Competition:

The competition will Begin August 9 and run through October 4th. The theme this year is “Singing and Saving Lives From Our Holler to Yours.” Get creative with your marketing! 

Pictures can also be used on KODA and Trust for Life’s Social Media and possibly Donate Life America.

Now – Sept 20th
Students may begin uploading their videos; however, voting isn’t open yet.

Sept 20th – October 11th
Students will promote their video and the registry, voting will be open.

Oct 11th – October 15th
Donate Life Staff and Judges will count the points and choose winners.

Oct 15th
Winners will be announced.

Oct 22nd
Winner will open for Arlo McKinley at the Paramount Arts Center in Ashland Ky.

WE’ll provide you with these DIGITAL promotional Materials:

Digital Materials to educate the public

Ideas for Social Media Promotion

Talking points for your use (in toolkit)

Weekly form to update and track your activities

If you need additional resources, contact Leigh Pennington (l.pennington@kodaorgan.org).


The winner will be chosen based on three factors.

These include: public voting, the number of people who joined the Donor Registry through your campaign, and the number of likes and shares you receive.

There will be bonus points awarded for completing additional activities, which can be found in your Electronic Tool Kit.

  1. Use the instructions provided, to create your own campaign page. (Be creative with your campaign photo, this cannot be changed later)
  2. Record and upload your song of choice, no longer than 2 minutes on the link provided in the tool kit.
  3. Share your video on social media platforms and ask your community to go vote for you, while also providing information about organ donation.
  4. Encourage members of your community to join the Organ, Eye and Tissue Donor Registry
  5. Collect as many votes, likes and shares on Social Media platforms.


First place will receive $500 Scholarship, plus the opportunity to open in person live for Arlo McKinley and Hello June at the Paramount Arts Center in Ashland Ky, on October 22nd at 6 pm!

Second place will receive $350 Scholarship

Third Place will receive $250 Scholarship

The Innovative Campaign Award will receive $100 Scholarship, plus the title of Live to Save Lives Youth Ambassador 2021.

Every prize includes an official press release and statement from Donate Life.  



Plan ahead!

Think outside of the box

Take pictures of everything!

Start on the video first thing

Get other Parents, Teachers, and Guardians involved.

Piggyback off other community events (football games, fall festivals, etc.)

Be creative with social media!



  1. Participants must be 12-18 years old and live in Kentucky.
  2. You must create a campaign page (click here for instructions).
  3. You must post on any social media platform about your video and the registry at least twice weekly.
    a. You must use the #livetosavelives2021 on all posts.
    b. Each post must include the name “Donate Life” and a link to your registry campaign page.
  4. You must fill out the weekly check in form, every Monday, from September 3rd through October 4th.
  5. You CAN do something that is not listed on the scorecard, let Leigh know your idea and she will assign points accordingly
  6. Promotional events must take place Sept 3rd-Oct 4th; however, you can start posting your link earlier. Voting will not be open until Sept. 3rd.
  7. Let Leigh know when your events will be so you can get media coverage
  8. Some of your schools may have a connection to donation, if you’d like those stories, please reach out to Leigh
  9. If you have an idea on a giveaway, etc. we can provide you with a few extra items, let us know in advance that you need them
  10. Feel free to run ideas by Leigh, she’s full of them and opinions!

The judges

Jenn Seay

Jenn Seay has been the co-host of Dave & Jenn on KEE100 radio station in Huntington for the better half of 10 years. She’s a native of Barboursville where she resides with her husband, step-daughter, and 3 dogs

Wayne Pauley Grew up a WV native, then lived in Los Angeles from the late 80’s to the mid 90’s and moved to Nashville in 1995.

Musician as a young person, audio engineer – producer – show designer – production company, artist development and publishing company owner as an adult.

Currently working as the Production Manager, audio engineer, and show designer for country artist Lee Brice.Also currently owning and running a production company (P2 Global) that puts on events worldwide as well as co-owning an artist development and publishing company (Sea the Desert entertainment) that is in the process of developing an up and coming pop artist.

Wayne Pauley

Ian Thornton

Ian Thornton was born and raised in Huntington, WV and graduated from Marshall University in 2008 with a degree in Music Performance. In 2010, he founded the Huntington Music & Arts Festival, He founded WhizzbangBAM in 2015, which represents multiple acts including; Tyler Childers, Ona, William Matheny, and Arlo McKinley & the Lonesome Sound.

Charles “Keebie” Gilkerson holds a Master of Public Administration (Non-Profit Management) degree from Marshall University, and is a proven community organizer. He has served on many Boards and is the former President of Create Huntington. He is currently the Chief Operating Officer of WhizzbangBAM.

Keebie Guilkerson

J.J. Waters

J.J. Waters is an artist, promoter, and humorist within the Appalachian underground music scene. He has created posters and artwork for many of today’s biggest country artists as well as being the brains behind the memes of the Honky Tonk Heroes page. He has booked and continues to book shows featuring acts that are on the cusp of greatness.

If you have questions or need examples,

Contact Leigh Pennington @ l.pennington@kodaorgan.org

Or Crysta McGee @ C.Mcgee@kodaorgan.org